Green Parrot Bar

‘First of all I have never traveled anywhere where the whole staff was that awesome as what we experienced! The bar area is clean, friendly and very welcoming. You are assured of a warm welcome and great smile when you pop in for a your dinner drink. Orville makes the BEST Margaritas in the WORLD!’

Jose and Hayley
Toronto, Canada

Hours from 9:00am till 10:00pm

The name Green Parrot Bar was not chosen by accident… This was the name of the old lodge that used to be here. Although Portofino Beach Resort is completely different than the former Green Parrot, we don't want to forget the history of this piece of paradise.

Our bar has in- and outdoor seating and our bartenders offer bar service at our pool, on our beach or by the end of the dock.

At the Green Parrot Beach Bar, you can enjoy tropical cocktails, a wide variety of imported wines, refreshing local, imported beers or healthy smoothies, while you sit back and relax.

Portofino guests never leave the Resort, before they have tried our Margarita as it is the best! We make it with fresh ingredients only and definitely our bartenders use a secret ingredient in it. The Creole Gal, is our second most favorite cocktail, which is made with four different Belize rums, fresh orange and pineapple juice.

Because we value the joy of a perfectly selected wine along with our carefully cooked delicate dishes, we have made a detailed Portofino Wine Directory for you to use.

"The Beer of Belize", named Belikin, is still the most favorite beer amongst our guests. The Belize Brewing Company was established in 1969 and began brewing Belikin Beer and Belikin Stout in 1971.

The most popular Portofino Smoothie is the “Tropical Dream”… which is made with coconut paste, fresh pineapple and bananas.

At any time you might be interested in our complete bar menu, please feel free to contact us.