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Belize has many spectacular Mayan ruins. The mystique of these Mayan Civilizations, which originated long before Europeans set foot on the America’s, is undeniable.

Belize is blessed with pristine rivers, waterfalls, rainforest national parks, and great jungle hiking. Over 40% of Belize consists of protected wildlife parks and reserves. This provides us with unlimited and exciting opportunities to explore and view a wide range of plants, animals, and birds. The pristine rain forest is host to many memorable sights, including waterfalls.

Because of it's geology, Belize has lots of spectacular caves. The ancient Maya’s that associated them with the underworld used them mainly for religious and sacrificial purposes. Their remains are still there; skeletons, pots, altars, and tools. Many caves have rivers running through them, so you can explore them by kayak, or on an inflatable tube, and because of the last option, the word "Cave Tubing” was invented in Belize; just lay back and let the river carry you through the spectacular cathedral like chambers, and enjoy the incredible geological formations on your way.

At Portofino we don't only offer the regular mainland trips offered on the island, but we also have exclusive and adventurous trips such like Actun Tunichil Muknal cave that has limited access. All these trips start at the Portofino dock, and return there, so you can go back straight to your room, have a drink at our Green Parrot Beach Bar or go to our Portofino Restaurant. The trips to Altun Ha or Xunantunich / Barton Creek are also included in our Honeymoon Packages.

Belize is ideal for eco tourism, as the nature is rich and virtually untouched. Portofino is located on Ambergris Caye, which is the largest of more than 450 cayes, islets and islands that sit between the mainland and the reef.

The Belize Barrier reef is the second largest barrier reef (200 miles / 322 km) in the world so it is needless to say that Portofino has excellent snorkeling, reef diving and atoll diving and fishing. All diving and snorkeling starts from the Portofino dock and is done by professionals form the dive shop just down the beach. Also fly fishing and reef fishing is provided, and Portofino's fishing guides are some of the most experienced on the island.