Fly Fishing

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At PORTOFINO you can easily target a grand slam (the angler’s dream) of Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon. The flats around Ambergris Caye are excellently suitable for Fly Fishing. The great advantage we have is that we can go either to the front or the back of the island. Our shallow waters contains the only classic Tarpon Flats outside of South Florida. Our Flats are also world renowned for the opportunity to site cast of Tarpon all year round.

We take Fly Fishing very serious at PORTOFINO. Although we know that Fly Fish anglers take their own rods, reels and tackle, we always have a back up available. We can only guarantee Fly Fishing when it is at least booked and a deposit is made, 45 days prior to arrival.

Fly Fishing is different in Belize than in other locations. A hooked fish will run off the flat, and it is essential to keep the line high out of the water to avoid wrapping the coral heads (always carry a spare line). The most famous Fly Fishing area is Savannah Flats, a shallow lagoon of open water, rimmed in the distance by numerous small cayes, famous for big Tarpon.

Belize has a resident population of Tarpons which makes tarpon fishing reliable. Tarpon fishing is all year round; April through September are very good, (*** for July through September!). Most Famous for Tarpon fishing are the Savannah Flats. The waters to catch them are on average three to eight foot deep. In the winter Tarpon are on average fifty pounds, in the summer they will become well over a hundred pounds.

Also the Bonefish are always present in our waters, April through November are very good for Bone fishing. They come to feed on the flats, mainly for shrimp. You can even catch them right from the PORTOFINO dock. They need at least a foot and a half of water. The grounds to catch them are about twenty minutes from PORTOFINO. The Bonefish have an average weight of three pounds, although you will see six to eight pound Bones, which is about the maximum you would want to have on your line.

February through November, March through May are very good. In February they migrate and come in our waters they run the channel in front of PORTOFINO, and feed on hard bottoms mainly on smaller crabs. On average they are ten pounds, although you will see them in the twenty to twenty five pound range.

Jackfish, also Jack Crevalles, are mainly found on the flats, and in the surrounding mangrove lagoons. They move in big schools and follow smaller fish. Snook you will find mainly in the lagoons, where you will also find Barracuda and Cobia.

Seasonal Fly Fishing:
WINTER: Bone fishing and Tarpon fishing is good, when the weather is good, you may see big schools of Tarpon. In February the Permit migrates back to our waters.

SPRING: Permit fishing is very good, Tarpon and Bone fish as in the winter, and become very good in May.

SUMMER: This is the ideal period for Fly Fishing; the weather becomes warm now, which is ideal. The Tarpon have become much bigger (ninety to a hundred and fifty pounds). Also the Bonefish are bolder than ever.

AUTUMN: Bonefish and Permit are at its largest, and gather in big schools for feeding.

Using Fly Rod

Pole along the shallow, calm waters, experiencing the ultimate in sport fishing. Explore the endless turtle grass searching for the mighty tarpon, invisible bonefish, and the ever elusive bonefish. New to fly fishing? No problem! Our guides are masters, and have initiated many anglers into the art of fly fishing. 1-2 persons on the boat. Fishing license are not included in the price.

Using Spinning Rod

Takes place on the same crystal clear waters as fly-fishing, using light conventional tackle, lures, and/or live bait, which allows for a variety of targeted species (tarpon, bonefish, permit, snook).

1-2 persons on the boat. Fishing license are not included in the price.

Departs: 8:00am
Returns: 12:00pm (Half Day) or 4:00pm (Full Day)
*Includes tackle, gear and refreshments.