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Have you been wondering what it’s like to breathe underwater?

Sign up for a FREE Try Dive in our pool! This experience is a great way to find out what scuba diving is really like before you take any of the following scuba courses.

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This wonderful first time introduction to scuba diving allows those who have never tried the experience of breathing underwater to explore the local shallow reef system under the direct supervision of a licensed scuba instructor. This half-day experience includes a thorough skills briefing with confined water practice, a guided dive at Mexico Rocks.


If you decide you want to become a certified diver but do not want to spend too much time while on holiday this course is for you. The Scuba Diver Course is a 2-day course, which at the end of the course will allow you to dive with a professional to 12m/40ft.


This is a full PADI Open Water Diver Certification, which lasts 3 to 4 days. Completion allows you to dive up to 18m/60ft without professional supervision. We supply everything you need to complete this course.

(2 days - skills, 4 dives)

Have you completed the classroom portion of the PADI Open Water Diver course and the pool dives before coming on vacation? Then this course is for you! Show us the paperwork to prove that you've done the Open Water course and pool work at home. We'll take you out on 4 open water dives with skills practice to finish off your Open Water Diver certification.

REFRESHER COURSE (1/2 day – skills, 1 dive)

Revise your scuba skills. If you are a skier, would you tackle a black run on the first day of your vacation? Scuba diving should be no different! If you are a certified diver who hasn't dived in over 6 months, this is for you. It includes a brief review of diving theory, practice of open water skills in the pool with an emphasis on safety, followed by a single open water dive supervised by your PADI dive master or instructor. This is a recognized PADI course although there is no certification card for it.

Interested in any other courses? Please feel free to email us for more details at info@portofinobelize.com.